Accounting and reporting

In case the client does not have its own administrative structure, we take care directly of all or part of the company accounting procedures, with reference both to Italian tax and civil law and to any internal group requirements.



  • Bookkeeping, processing and analysis of related data both in accordance with Italian legal obligations and internal reporting for Italian and foreign directors and shareholders.
  • For clients who don’t have an internal administrative structure or their own office in Italy, all the other services at the operational level (e.g. invoicing, debt collection, customer management, suppliers, banks, etc.) are provided, which in other cases are carried out directly by the client.
  • Organisation and evaluation of the client's administrative procedures.
  • Assistance with corporate management control.



  • Financial statements, accounting and interim reports in accordance with Italian and/or group accounting standards (monthly or quarterly reports, year-end packages, etc.).
  • In addition, the company also provides the client with the necessary assistance for a gradual absorption of the above-mentioned operations within the company itself.