Corporate advice

  • Incorporation, modification and dissolution of any type of company;
  • Drafting of articles of By-Laws, shareholders' agreements and information of the incorporation deed;
  • Opening of professional and sole proprietorship positions;
  • Opening of all mandatory positions at public offices (VAT, INPS, INAIL, etc.);
  • Preparation, authentication, keeping and updating of company books;
  • Evaluating and resolving issues relating to possible civil law effects of financial statement valuations and results;
  • Preparation of calling notices, proxies, shareholders and Board of Director’s meeting minutes for annual budget approval;
  • Fulfilment of civil law requirements (Chamber of Commerce, revenue agency, court, etc.);
  • Practices relating to changes of partners and directors;
  • Advice and assistance for corporate reorganisation operations (mergers, transformations, liquidations, etc.);